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A Message from Forte Physical Therapy: 


Forte Physical Therapy is very excited to be partnering with Suburban FC. We hope you are all healthy during this time and are finding ways of being productive and staying fit! 


We wanted to reach out to provide you with a background of our clinic's philosophy, our personal athletic and strength training backgrounds, as well as what our plan is to help the club reach its goal of having the best culture in the city. In addition, how we can help advance your child’s physical performance and well being. Our goal as a clinic is to begin seeing athletes proactively to catch injuries before they arise and to minimize the risk of acute injuries by providing individualized strength and conditioning programs in collaboration with the strength and conditioning coach (Jerret Laycock)


At Forte: 

  • All athletes receive one on one care (1 hour initial assessments and half hour treatments)

  • We have guaranteed appointment times for Suburban athletes and can typically see an athlete within 24 hours of need.

  • We focus on using exercise, manual therapy and education to address injuries, inefficient movement patterns, and physical weaknesses. 

    • We do not use passive modalities (ultrasound, laser, etc) as the research indicates that exercise and movement are more effective ways to help heal an injury while at the same time keeping an athlete fit. 

  • Forte’s clinic model/philosophy is based on empowerment, not reliance. We can tell you what's wrong or what's happening, strategies to fix it, and provide you with all the tools you need in order for you to put the work in to get better. 

  • Our strong sporting, coaching, and strength training backgrounds enable us to see an athlete at the moment of injury and take them through the entire rehabilitation plan all the way to high level exercise to prepare for sport and return to play.

  • We often see athletes when they are 100% healthy to screen for any future injury flags, and to teach strength and conditioning workouts to help athletes learn about their body and to build it up to reduce the likelihood of an injury.


Forte has two physiotherapists working in the clinic: Drew Stratton and Erik Merchant. 


Drew was born and raised in New Brunswick, played 5 years of varsity basketball at Dalhousie University and 2 years professionally in Canada/Australia. He holds an Honours degree in Kinesiology and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (Dalhousie) and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA and is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with CSEP, the gold standards in exercise certifications in the USA and Canada, respectively. 


Erik was born and raised in Halifax, navigated through the youth and premiership soccer programs in the city, played at the provincial level, and is currently still playing competitively. He represented Nova Scotia at the 2009 Canada Games, and attended Acadia university where he played 5 years of varsity soccer. Erik holds a Kinesiology degree from Acadia and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie. Erik Worked as a strength and conditioning coach prior to receiving his masters degree in 2013/2014.


We look forward to connecting with you and your son or daughter. If you already have a trusted physio or health care provider that is great! We are partnered with Suburban to enhance the program for those that need it or want it, basing this model of care off of professional clubs in Europe and the well respected Exos model of health and human performance. We will provide injury updates and return to play status for the player, parents, coaching staff and directors on a daily basis - outlining a detailed plan of action to get the athlete back on the pitch as quickly and safely as possible.


With the current state of Covid-19, we are only able to offer Telehealth appointments (video calls through our site, covered by most insurance plans) for the time being. If you have any questions regarding this style of assessment or are wondering if this will work for your son or daughter, reach out to us and we can set something up to discuss and make a plan.


We will be making some posts on our instagram page that your son or daughter will benefit from, particularly during this time! Please add us on instagram - forte_pt


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