Mini Program Online Session Program

Due to COVID-19, we are introducing a new initiative of doing online session plans for our mini program players U4-U6.

Beginning in July - our online session program will be $20 per the entire summer. Players that have registered for the Summer 2020 program must send an email to OPT-IN to  by June 13th 2020. For any player that does not OPT-IN you will not have online training access. All players must be registered to participate in the online training program. For any players that were not already registered for the Summer 2020 program and wish to register for the online training - you can register online at: Suburban FC Registration Page 


Why do we train online during this time? 

  • Massive culture building opportunity 

  • Players train in an environment that will challenge them and bring energy in the form of an online hangout (workout). 

  • We have the opportunity to communicate to all registered players multiple times per week which makes it easier when we will need to transition on short notice (if and when). 

  • Easier process to navigate through how many teams we may have due to registration numbers as this is only offered to registered players. 

  • This will also help when we need to plan for Jerseys, by knowing who are the new players and what number will we allocate them. Ultimately we will find out who needs a jersey and be able to navigate through that in a much more effective way. 

  • Players registered will get a chance to work with our club staff and have the opportunity to be trained by them

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